Video Analysis (Question and Answer Format)


Watch the video, then answer the questions below:

-No citation needed, no references needed, 3 pages double space

-DO NOT copy the questions, only LABEL the answer in the paper


“Dropout Nation”, 25th September 2012


1. Briefly describe the challenges experienced by Marcus, Sparkle, Marco, & Lawrence.

2. What tensions are you noticing between goals and resources that Sharpstown offers and the needs of the diverse students it serves?

3. In the film, there is an explicit reference to ‘CEP.’ What does that mean?

4. Are the students given too many chances, not enough chances, or are the teachers and administrators doing the right thing? Explain.

5. This documentary can be viewed from very many lenses. Please analyze this documentary from either a learning theory ( for e.g., behaviorism, social cognitive, motivation theory) or multicultural (for e.g.,systems of power and privilege perspective) or an education and equity perspective (for e.g.,education used to perpetuate inequities or combat inequities).