Virtual Field Experience

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Please look at the attachment and the example for guidance. Need this Assignment Back no later than Thursday Thanks. No Plagiarism by the way please look at the videos which are located in the directions for this assignment. 


There are 8 videos of classroom teaching and diversity issues. You need to watch all videos to complete the reflection paper assignment. Try to think about this in terms of either in-person teaching or virtual or a combination of videos, in-person observation, and interview of a teacher.  

These videos are not to offend anyone but to discuss issues of diversity and classroom teaching. The instructor does not want to impose his own views on anyone but to allow you to study issues as a way of the learning process.

After watching the videos and interviewing a teacher or visiting a classroom, you should have enough information to write your final paper. Your final paper will include responses to the following questions:

1. Describe any observations in the classrooms or in the videos that highlighted specific classroom management rules/strategies. Make sure to identify the video(s) in your response.

2. If you were the teacher in these classes, identify at least two classroom management strategies that you would use. Be clear.

3. Finally, based on your personal experiences in-classroom observation and discussions with teachers, share your thoughts about how the classroom management strategies from this course will help you to teach all students in your future teaching assignments.  Also, include some ways you could avoid possible ineffective management strategies you may have encountered or viewed in the videos.

To submit your response, you should develop a response in a Word document and attach it. 

There is a limit of words for this assignment. You must write a response in no more than 1000 words. Quality of response is important. You must complete the attached timesheet and submit it with your final paper.

Good Luck!      Second Grade Lesson on Fractions      First Grade Literacy Lesson       First Grade Wonders Day Lesson        Prague Kindergarten – English Lesson       Kindergarten Writing Lesson       Fourth Grade ELA Lesson     First Grade Math Lesson      Third Grade Reading – Character Traits

Joseph Sigmon

Classroom Mang. & Student Disc.

Dr. Swinehart-Held

December 7, 2020

Reflection Paper: Virtual Field Experience EDU 3263 Classroom Management

The teachers promoted engagement by displaying pictures that were familiar to students

and then she asked them questions. The classroom had boxes drawn on the floor to boost

understanding. Students were asked to physically stand in the boxes to boost understanding of

mathematics. The next step after physical demonstration was use of projectors to display


The video “Literacy Lesson First Grade” was effective in student’s comprehension of

concepts since the teacher asked questions and influenced the learners to remember prior lessons.

Classroom engagement was boosted by the teacher as he told learners to divide themselves and

to discuss. His technique of regaining the students’ attention was effective since there was a

familiar phrase he called out. The video “Teacher Observation of Ms. Ainge” revealed effective

incorporation of technology in learning environments. The teacher’s strategy of changing

projector slides as she asked students questions was highly effective. Engagement was properly

applied in the classroom since she waited for feedback from students using a particular gesture.

Students’ assessment was properly applied by Ms. Angie.

The video “Teaching Character Traits | 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension” revealed

the teacher’s effective strategy of ensuring learners were properly prepared for the lesson. The

teacher distributed charts to every student so that there would be collaboration between her

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readings and questions listed on the charts. The teaching strategy was effective since learners

could analyze character traits based on simple phrases. The video “TPSD Kindergarten, Phonics

First, Lesson 16 Level 1” shows the effective strategy by the teacher where she begins the lesson

by asking students to recall concepts from previous lessons. The teacher had cards ensured

students could visually recall concepts. Engagement of three teachers for many students ensured

every student received proper attention. The videos by Peoria Unified C&I, Wow English, and

Teach4Life revealed that students’ engagement and application of projector technology was an

effective tactic of promoting learning.

Since a learning environment is the most important component of a student’s education, it

is important to create a conducive environment. The first strategy I would apply is greeting

students as soon they reach the class (Terada, 2019). This is highly effective in promoting

connection with students. I would ensure all students receive equal share of attention before the

beginning of any lesson since this boosts their confidence. This tactic would build relationships

between learners and me. The students would be more comfortable when asking questions since

they would view me as an agreeable teacher. Classroom sessions would feel like family


The next strategy I would apply is to anticipate if any issues would occur during learning

sessions (Finley, 2017). A learning environment is filled with students from diverse cultural

backgrounds. As such, it is imperative to realize that there could be moments of conflicts when

different learners engage. The most applicable technique is to maintain authority so that learners

would respect any directives. I would ensure the method I use to enforce authority is not harsh.

Shouting would be unheard of during any of my teaching sessions so that learners would avoid

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improper conflict management tactics. I would resolve issues by talking to learners so that they

would open up.

The next suitable strategy is to give praise after noticing any positive behavior (Terada,

2019). After analyzing the videos, I realized that learners enjoyed answering questions. This was

an indicator that they understood concepts taught in class. I would ensure to praise learners after

they answered any questions correctly. Learner engagement and collaboration is another action I

would praise. Classrooms usually contain learners with varying cognitive capacities. Whenever

gifted learners help other students, I would praise such actions. This would increase capability of

slow learners to understand concepts I would teach based on how their peers understood.

The classroom management strategies that have learned in this class, from my own

experience as a Para-Professional and the observations that I have made prior by visiting a

classroom or Face Timing a classroom, I will definitely be using some of those strategies as well

as come up with some of my own. In my most observation with Ms. Hubbard’s class, she tried to

keep the class engaged by asking them questions about the test on last Friday and how was their

weekend. The student was reluctant to answer but once one student did, then the rest followed. I

am sure if the students were in a classroom setting, I am sure this would have gone over a lot

better. I also noticed that the students looked tired. Not saying that they did not get enough sleep

but tired of the learning from home and not enacting with their friends and the teachers. I like

giving incentives to students that do well and even to those who have made great strides because

I think students need motivation and praise when it is warranted. I feel that it makes a student

more confident in their learning and they will continue to do better. Lastly, the strategy that I

think is most important than all of them is that the students know who is in charge and that the

teacher must show it every day. This can be shown by who the teacher interacts with the class,

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how discipline is handled and discussing the class rules on day 1. By doing these things, will

make me an effective teacher and my classroom management will be second to none.

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