Walden University Dominguez Study Psychology Essay

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Please note how I described the Dominguez study (using some of your information but integrating other aspects as well) in page 12 of the proposal (See attachment). Note how I even include specific quotes from the study. I also revised the description of the Kling study and added a conclusion for the religious coping section.

What is next? We start working on the human virtues section. Remember we are looking at three main variables as predictors of vicarious trauma: religious coping, human virtues, and social support. We discussed religious coping in the last section. Now we move to human virtues. Note that there is a lot of research on human virtues and character strengths in the positive psychology literature. Start the section by defining human virtues and character strengths (2-3 paragraphs, no more than that). It is easier to use the VIA model.


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