Waldorf University Hubris and its Effects in Sports Discussion

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Do NOT conduct ANY research for this exam. Your insights are to be YOURS. However, when referring to specific works, follow the conventions of citing the source in the text. For example, In the story “Mourning Glory,” the hero’s journey of Warrenfeltz is clearly shown when his team finally wins the championship. This is when he returns with the elixir. According to Brandon’s father, “There was something greater going on” (Ballard). This elixir, the victory, which was brought to the town by Warrenfeltz, the hero, has a tremendous impact in the entire grieving town.

If you are referring to a film, mention the title, correctly punctuated in the text, itself. There is no need for a Works Cited page for this essay since you will ONLY be referring to works from the class.

All responses should in essay format (Intro paragraph, Body Paragraphs, Concluding paragraph) with complete sentences and paragraphs that have been well developed and carefully proofread). Be sure to provide evidence and examples to support your assertions. There is no specific page requirement; write as fully and completely as possible and until you have nothing more to say for each question. When appropriate, use as many references to course ideas and course material (i.e., film, documentaries, short stories, reading excerpts, class discussion/lecture and examples from the world of sports). ALSO, DO NOT DOUBLE UP ON THE USE OF STORIES. You want to demonstrate a good awareness of multiple readings/films.


3. Write a well-developed essay that answers the following questions. Define

hubris as used in this class. Explain the hubris of Kip Litton and at last three effects that his hubris has on specific people in “Marathon Man.” To develop your point, make direct references to and analyze at least three specific actions or words of Litton.


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