Walmart Inc. is a worldwide known American multinational retail corporation that has chain of hypermarkets, different chains of grocery stores, discount departmental stores and other stores


Walmart Inc. is a worldwide known American multinational retail corporation that has chain of hypermarkets, different chains of grocery stores, discount departmental stores and other stores. It headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas, (Kirkpatrick,2017)

Walmart’s mission, goals and values

The organization has a human resource management with a very sound strategic management. Even though the organization is the best, it still has mission and vision which are to achieve the best global position in the marketing world. The organizations success wis directly linked to the company’s mission and vision. In order to be able to achieve the company’s mission, the leaders have implemented an appropriate strategy that is competitive. The strategies that are set ensure that the organization is performing effectively and on top of the already set competition.

The organizations mission statement

The organizations mission statement is” to be able to save people cash so that their lives in a better way.” the organization was implemented for the betterment of the people. The organizations mission is to ensure that they are taking care of the customers’ needs while they make their own profits. The minimization of the prices of the company is to ensure that they are able to stay at the top of the competition.

The organizations vision statement is to be one of the best destinations that the customers can get to be able to save their cash no matter the shopping they want to undertake. The organization changed its vision statement which was to be at the top of the game to the current vision statement. In order to be able to achieve its mission and vision, the organization has incorporated the best human resource department.

Walmart’s external and internal environment

According to (David et al,2014) the political, social economic and the legal factors have different effect on some players in the industry. The organization still wants to establish a very lucrative business strategy.

The company has managed to be at the top of its game as it currently has 8,2516 in over 15 countries. The elements of the general environment. The organizations external factors include the specific political, agricultural and technological factors.

The legal factors entail the recruitment and selection factors, ensuring that the company has been able to adhere to the policies and procedures that are set.

The peoples plan and achievement for a diverse workforce

The organization uses the human resource department effectively by ensuring that it has effectively implemented the correct policies that are to be followed when recruiting and selecting.

The organizations corporate social responsibility and the environmental sustainability

The organization has managed to implement the best cultural practice that is being followed by the organization. The culture is what makes the external environment get attracted to the organization.

The human resource still ensures that it has come up with the best way of ensuring that it has met the targeted customers’ needs all day long despite the social and economic challenges that are being faced (Spector,2012).















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