Week 1

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The National League for Nursing has identified eight competencies for academic nurse educators. Chapter 1 in the Billings and Halstead text further describes these competencies.

  1. Facilitate learning
  2. Facilitate learner development and socialization
  3. Use assessment and evaluation strategies
  4. Participate in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes
  5. Function as a change agent and leader
  6. Pursue continuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role
  7. Engage in scholarship
  8. Function within the educational environment

Initial post: In your initial post, please address the following:

Which of these do you think is most important for an effective educator and why?  As you look at this list, what are your strengths and weaknesses with respect to these competencies? Describe several examples of nurse educators you have known who demonstrated these characteristics.  How did they impact your learning and socialization into the profession of nursing. Provide a brief summary of an article that elaborates on one of these characteristics.

Revised 7/1/2022

Discussion Rubric

CRITERIA Excellent (20) Good (13-19) Fair (8-13) Poor (1-7) Not Demonstrated (0)


*Addresses discussion
question completely
understanding of course
content and synthesis of
concepts *Offers clear
point of view and details
support evidence

*Discussion question is
not completely
addressed but post
shows understanding
of course content
* Point of view is
somewhat unclear
*Detail is appropriate,
but limited

* Discussion question is
addressed but post
does not demonstrate
depth of
understanding of
course content *Point
of view is unclear
*Detail is
underdeveloped or not
appropriate for post

* Discussion question
is minimally addressed
*Detail supporting
evidence or point of
view is missing

* Both the initial
post and all peer
responses are


-Initial post

* Submits at least 2 peer
*Initial post is 2-3
paragraphs in length
*Extends discussion
thread by providing an
evaluation of viewpoints,
relating to other’s ideas
and/or offering new ideas
and supporting detail
*Uses scholarly reference
sources beyond course
materials. At least one
scholarly reference is
listed for the initial post

*Submits at least 2
peer responses *Initial
post is 2
paragraphs in length

One of the following
has occurred:

*Peer responses are
limited and do not
extend the discussion
*Only course material
used as reference

*One of the following
has occurred:

*Initial post is 1
paragraph in length
*Missing 1 peer
*Ideas offered in peer
responses lack depth
*No references are

*One of the following
has occurred:
*Missing the initial
*Missing 2 peer

* Both the initial
post and all peer
responses are



*Writing is coherent,
organized and easy to
*No spelling, APA or
grammatical errors
*Scholarly references
used from a wide range of
sources and are ≤ five
years old

*Writing is mostly easy
to follow with clear
* No more than 1
spelling, grammatical or
APA error

*Writing has some
parts that are unclear
*2-3 spelling or
grammatical errors
*2-3 APA errors
present * Only
course materials
used for scholarly

*Post is poorly
organized and hard to
read; does not flow
*≥ 3 spelling or
grammatical errors
*≥ 3 APA errors
*Some references not
cited OR all references
≥ 5 years old

* Both the initial
post and all peer
responses are


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