Week 1 annotated bibliography revision

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Hi, I am really having issues with this work. I submitted what you wrote but this is the instructors response to it. Please could maybe find someone who can help with the presentation of this annotated bibliography. I have no clue of what she wat she wants. Read the instruction once again please.
Also below is the announcement section for this assignment.
Announcement: “For the annotated bibliographies, you need to use each “critical element” as a heading to organize your paper.
Also, note in the instructions that each annotated bibliography can only be one page.
Below please find headings you should use with a brief explanation about the content that should go with each heading (critical element).
The purpose of asking you to use the critical elements as headings is to ensure you don’t miss any part of the annotated bibliography..
Each heading below is in bold print. Each heading should be centered on your page.
The content under each heading (critical element) does not have to be long. Be succinct. And, avoid words like “this, that, these those, in order to). If you don’t need the word in the sentence, don’t use it.
Remember, this week you are to search for quantitative studies.
Please let me know if you have questions.
Dr Diana
Reference citation at the top of the page in APA format
Main Purpose and Scope
Briefly state the problem and purpose of the study (in a sentence)
Description of Research
Briefly tell me (in a couple sentences) how the research was conducted. Was it a survey? Was it data mining? How did the researchers gather the information? How many participants. Where was it conducted.
Value and Significance
How is this research significant to the problem? (in a sentence or two)
Shortcomings or Bias
Did you note any bias?
Conclusions and Summary
What was the outcome of the study? (In a sentence or two)

Hi Ozioma,
Your paper is still not acceptable. Review the announcement about the annotated bibliographies. You need to use headings to organize your paper.
Dr Diana
Hi Ozioma,
Please review the announcement providing directions on how to organize your annotated bibliographies. Your paper is not acceptable. You may revise and resubmit to elevate your grade if you wish.


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