Week 11- Final SCM Globe Executive Summary Paper Directives

SCM Globe Executive Summary (ES) Paper

SCM Globe Research paper specifics:

Assume that you are a professional tools evaluator that was engaged by management at ACME Industries; and that you have spent the past 10 weeks testing and evaluating the SCM Globe Simulation tool. You have just completed your testing and evaluation; and upper management has requested that you provide a 2-3-page (single-spaced) Executive Summary (ES) report.

The ES report should summarize you overall experience with the SCM Globe “Collaborative Supply Chain” Simulation Tool; as well as lessons learned (please be precise and include specifics – avoid overtly generic narratives). The executives are interested in various aspects of the tool – including; but not limited to, features; user-friendliness; simulation outcomes & comprehension; challenges; benefit; drawbacks; and recommendations (particularly as to whether management should fund enterprise-wide implementation of the tool.)