week 2

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week 2 

Part A-This week in your initial post you will respond to two different, yet related concepts. First, Chapter 2 discussed
reinforcing student effort and providing recognition as a means to motivate students and, thus, increasing achievement. Do you agree with this practice? Why or why not? What are other means of providing opportunities for learner motivation and achievement? For the second part of your initial post respond to this concept: Chapter 3 discussed the benefits of cooperative learning. How do you use or want to use
cooperative learning in your teaching context? Make sure to provide examples from your teaching or personal learning experiences

Part B-

Write a professional growth plan that you can use to
reinforce effort for students that you will work with. Adhering to APA guidelines, refer to your text or outside resources in this plan. Be sure to cite your sources in the 500- to 600- word professional growth plan. Use these questions to guide your plan:

· How can I help students develop an understanding of the relationship that exists between how hard they work and their academic achievements?

· How will I provide recognition to students that are genuine and specific to the individual?

· How can I provide students with examples of effort and stories about people who have overcome odds and/or worked hard to succeed or have them share stories of their own?

· How can I develop rubrics to define what effort means in our class (or group)?

· How can I help students track their own effort?

· How can I help students understand the connections between feedback, effort, and recognition?

· How will I measure my progress as a teacher and the impact on student learning?

Part C-
ooperative Learning Lesson Plan

Write a
cooperative learning lesson plan for your students that aligns with at least 1 standard you chose in
Week 1. Create learning objectives based on the standards you have chosen. You may use the
Lesson Plan Template and
Lesson Plan Example. Although you may choose an alternative lesson plan format, make sure to include the following categories:

· Lesson title and grade level

· Standards alignment

· Lesson objectives (no more than five)

· Learning strategy(ies)

· Lesson activities

· Required materials and resources

At the end of your lesson plan or on a separate page, reflect on your lesson (300- to 400- words). Adhering to APA guidelines, refer to your text and 1-3 outside resources for this assignment. Be sure to cite your sources. Use these questions to guide your lesson reflection:

· How did I teach students to work together as a team, listen, negotiate, and lead?

· How did I plan this project with activities that require a group effort?

· How did I provide different roles and responsibilities for each student that are clear and reasonable and provide each student with a voice?

· How did I assign students to cooperative learning groups that are heterogeneous, academically and socially?

· How did I develop rubrics that address the roles/responsibilities of each student and the overall project?

Remember, you will be writing individual lessons throughout this course and the
Week 6 final assignment will be a unit of study. It would be to your benefit to choose standards and lessons that would fit together in a series of lessons or
unit of study.


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