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Imagine that you are the data management officer of a children’s hospital in your state. In the form of a PowerPoint presentation, you have been asked to explain to the board of directors what the Kids Count data means for your facility.

Go to the 

KIDS COUNT data centerLinks to an external site.

. Kids Count is a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, KIDS COUNT is the premier source for data on child and family well-being in the United States. Access hundreds of indicators, download data and create reports and graphics on the KIDS COUNT Data Center that support smart decisions about children and families.

Follow these step:

· Click the state on the map on the KIDS COUNT website. Alternatively, you can select your state from the dropdown menu located directly about the map of the United States.

· In the middle of the page, choose an indicator of your choice.

· OPTIONAL: Using the options on the left side of the page, you may narrow down the possible datasets available.

· Using the options along the top of page, view the data in different ways including:

· Table

· Map

· Trends

· Bar

· Choose a dataset with a minimum of categories (states, years, etc.) of data.

Suggested: Run multiple reports using different topics, options (left side of page), and indicators to discover the wide range of information available.  Viewing different data sets will not only provide you with more options for the discussion below but increase your skills in data interpretation.

Create a PowerPoint presentation – between three and six slides to explain this data. (i.e., ask yourself “What could this information mean? What does it imply for health information management specialists?”)

Then, using Screencast, make your presentation live and post the link in the discussion board for your classmates to view.  Please refrain from typing your “script” onto the slides. Use charts, graphs, pictures and creative materials when giving your presentation. You are interpreting statistical information for your board of directors, so put this information into laymen’s terms. 
Your initial post is due by Day 3

Guided Response: Review your classmates’ presentations and respond to at least two of your peers. Imagine that you are one of the board members receiving this information. What is your reaction? Ask the presenter a specific question about the results. 
Responses are due by Day 5 (Saturday).

Required Responses to Peer Responses: As your classmates respond to your presentation, they will be posing specific questions about your presentation. 
You are required to respond to these questions no later than Day 7 (Monday).

An example of data selection and information generated from a search:
Step 1: Went to the website
Step 2: Click on the state of California
Step 3: Selected “Education” under the Topics menu on the left
Step 4: Looked at the main section of the page and decided which one of the education indicators listed was of most interest to me. (Note: there will be numerous choices)
Step 5: Selected”2008-2018 series” under the “Teens ages 16 to 19 not in school and not high school graduates” report located beneath the “School Age” Heading
Step 6: Analyze and learn more about the data by reading the “Definitions & Sources” section and changing the way the data is presented by clicking on “Map” and “Table” as well as the default of “Table”
Step 7: Create a PowerPoint presentation with at least four years’ data. Below is a picture of the data that was generated from this search that will need to be analyzed and placed into a PPT/Screencast presentation.

Table View:




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