Week 3 Final Research Project The limits on free speech and expression placed upon members of the US military

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To submit your research project, click the “Week 3 Final Research Project” link above.

You will write comprehensive summaries for 5 recent newspaper or journal articles (within the last 5 years) from the online library databases relating to one specific topic below. It will be due Thursday of week 3 and you must use the template: POS1041 Project Template.docx POS1041 Project Template.docx – Alternative Formats

Topics on American Government from which to choose

· Liberty vs. Security in the US after 9/11

· The limits on free speech and expression placed upon members of the US military

· Marriage equality in the US

· The Pros and Cons of protecting the Planet: Environmental Policy in the US

· History of abortion laws and pertinent court cases in the US

· Income inequality in the United States: Are we in the 1920s again?

· Who owns our politicians? Understanding campaign finance in the US.

· Judicial Review in the US – Why it matters

· Restoring voting rights to convicted felons in the US

· Flat tax: regressive tax system or progressive tax system in the US?

· The right to vote: An overview of the Voting Rights Act with today’s laws

· The use and/or abuse of the filibuster over time in the US Senate

· The Electoral College and how it selects a president

· The growth of the US federal government since the 1930s

· Affirmative action/equal opportunity in the US

· The Pros and Cons of US Foreign (non-military) Aid to other countries

Here is how you complete your project for Week 3:

· Using your reference list and project template from week 2’s assignment, complete the project by adding a 250-word comprehensive summary of each article under the reference you have fixed based on my feedback. You need to summarize each article factually, using your own words, and refrain from using quotes and personal opinions. In addition, please make sure your sources do not include encyclopedias, book reviews, or article citations.

· Have another person proof your project. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font.

· If you need help with references, I highly recommend using www.citationmachine.net Select “APA” from the menu on the left, and then your type of source. Plug in the information and it will create the references for you.

· Please run your paper through Grammarly.com before submitting it, as you will be graded on grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

· Do NOT plagiarize. It’s not worth the zero. We run all papers through SafeAssign whether you submit it via Word, PDF, or any other format. Please do your own work.

· Here is the rubric I will use to grade your paper:








POS 1041 – Final Research Project Rubric
Content—All areas are addressed 80 points total Possible Points Earned Points Comments


Comprehensively summarized 5 articles on approved topic from the Keiser University online library databases – these are to be either newspaper articles or journal articles 20    
Each article is summarized in own words and accurately represents the author’s point of view 30    
Each article is of scholarly content and is taken from the Keiser University library 10    
Each comprehensive summary is 250 words minimum 20    
Mechanics 20 points total      
APA format is used for each bibliographic reference and layout 10    
Rules of grammar, usage, punctuation, and spelling are followed. 10    
Subtotal   /100  
Late -5/day if applicable      
Total   /100 Comments:


It is YOUR responsibility to save your project to an external drive FREQUENTLY as you work on it. Computers crash, things happen, thus you need to have it on disk so you can still turn it in on time.


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