Week 5 PSY-664 Organizational Interview

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Hello All, 

This is my  5th week assignment. I was asked to do an interview of an employee at an  organization of my choice. I live in the Washington, DC area, so  whoever takes this assignment I would prefer an organization close to  the Washington, DC or Metropolitan areas (Maryland and Virginia) since  an interview needs to be conducted. However, you do not necessarily have  to do an interview, but the paper should appear as though one was  actually given. This paper has to be completed APA style using 3 to 5  outside sources for direction #4 please, The instructions are below.

Once  you have conducted an interview with an individual within an  organization; write a 1,250-1,750-word paper discussing the organization  from the employee’s point of view, include:

Provide a brief (1/2 page) summary of the organization (size, location, job description of the employee).

Discuss positive and negative components of the company.

  1. Identify and discuss everyday organizational issues that the employee faces.
  2. Provide recommendations for organizational change.
  3. Use three to five outside sources to support your recommendations for organizational change.

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