Week four 409 feb (due 17 feb)

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Instructions (Minimum of Two pages to include references)

Assignment – Final Paper


Please choose one of the areas of HR discussed in this class (e.g., recruitment, selection, training, development, compensation, benefits, performance management, etc.). Write a one-to-two-page paper discussing:

1. Your reason for selecting this topic

2. Why it is important to you

3. What you learned about this topic from the class


· Final Paper will be no longer than two pages in length (Minimum 1 Page; Maximum 2 Pages, exclusive of the title and reference pages).

· 12-point Font; New Times Roman; Double Spaced; 1” Margins

· Quality of Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling

· Proof-read your paper before submitting. Contact the Writing Center for assistance with editing, if needed.


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