Week two; 1,2,3&4

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  (210-220 Word limit for each Discussion)

(210-220 Word limit for each Discussion)

Discussion One:

New Employee Orientation Programs

Based on your experience and readings from the text what can organizations do to maximize the benefit of orientation programs?

Discussion Two:

Job Restructuring

Based on your readings and lecture for the week, discuss what is involved in a successful job restructuring.

Discussion Three:

Handling Career Crises

Discuss any of the following:

· What practical steps can you suggest to minimize mid-career crisis?


· Discuss the special problems faced by dual-career couples/families.

Discussion Four:

Turnover Challenges

Turnover is generally considered negative, and many organizations spend a great deal of time and money trying to minimize turnover. Discuss:

· In what situations would turnover be just what an organization needs?

· How can turnover be leveraged to be a “good” thing in the organization employment life cycle?


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