What is your Business Presentation for Biologique

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After you have fleshed out your business plan you will have the information you will need for a slide presentation (e.g., PowerPoint). This 12-slide presentation conveys the most important aspects of your business in a short time. More sophisticated investors, such as angel investors and venture capitalists, will typically not look at your written business plan until they have seen your slide presentation.

Presentation (MS PowerPoint or equivalent)

  1. Create a 12-slide presentation. Follow the outline on pp. 343–346 for the critical slides of your presentation and their placement.
    • Hints: Include the highlights of your elevator pitch, which shows that you understand your business. The elevator pitch is a concise description of your company—its product, market, competitive advantages, and so on. Whether pitching your business to an investor or describing it to a potential connection at a networking event, you need to be able explain your business succinctly to someone in the amount of time it would take to ride up a few floors in an elevator. Use the worksheet in the text (p. 362 | Your “Elevator Pitch”) to develop your elevator pitch.
    • Hints: You must limit your presentation to twelve (12) slides. You do not want to overwhelm your audience with too many slides or bore them with information they already know.
  2. Cite three (3) resources you have used to complete the exercise.
    • Citations and references must follow APA format. The reference page is not included in the required page length

    Title slide: your company’s name, a short company description, name of presenter(s) if presenting in person.

    ImageYour elevator pitch: a succinct description of your products or services, market, and competitive advantages. Use vibrant language, and if possible, embed audio or video to demonstrate your product or service. See example below:
    ImageSize of opportunity: this is what investors — VCs even more so than angels — want to know. To what size can your company potentially grow and what are your plans for future development?
    ImageYour specific target customers: who they are and the customer needs that your product or service will meet.
    ImageThe market size: numbers and dollars, past growth, growth forecasts.
    ImageThe competition: division of market share, how your product compares to theirs, your value proposition in comparison to the competition’s, and barriers to entry.
    ImageYour team: who they are, their past successes and experience, and why they are qualified to do the job.
    ImageThe business model: how you will distribute your product, pricing strategies, how you will reach your customers.
    ImageMilestones: a time line that outlines when you expect to reach key achievements.
    ImageFinancials: a brief summary of key points from your income statement, balance sheet, and/or cash flow projections.
    ImageFunding: how much you are asking for in this round, how many future rounds are expected, how much you will request during those rounds, and how the funds will be used.
    ImageThe investment opportunity: potential exit strategies and financial return for investors.

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