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Here are the details.

You will complete the sentence: “The purpose of business is to make money …” The way you will “complete” it is to do this:

Write a short essay expressing your philosophy of business gained in this course. As with any essay, decide on one main idea, and develop and support the single idea with details. You may want to pick one of the themes we studied as your main idea. Ensure that you pick an idea about which you are knowledgeable and passionate. Since this is an essay, write it in the structure of well-developed paragraphs, rather than bullet points. You should have introductory and summary paragraphs, as with any essay.

  1. One form of supporting details will be quotations from three authors studied during any part of the course. Provide APA format “in text” page citations, however, no separate works cited page is necessary. Naturally the quotations should very closely support your main idea about the purpose of business.
  2. Another form of supporting details is to relate personal observations, experiences, and stories. Your personal engagement in this paper is a good tactic for writing in a compelling fashion.
  3. Length will be about three double spaced pages – a lot longer means you haven’t stated your case succinctly; much shorter means you haven’t developed your main idea sufficiently.
  4. Consider the audience of your essay to be fellow college students who have not taken this course. Speak directly and personally to your audience (using the word “you”). Naturally, in speaking personally, you will want to use the word “I.”

To earn all possible points, write in a compelling, well-organized fashion, logically supporting the conviction of your beliefs with lively details, and follow the same practices of clear, crisp error-free writing we have used all semester.

Note: Picking a main idea that is too broad will not help you succeed, for you will not have sufficient length to develop it. The following idea is excessively broad: “I believe that, in addition to making money, businesses should provide jobs, support the environment, and promote justice throughout the world.”


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