Who can help me with this outline? creation and implementation of an

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See uploaded files for instructions and reference for Creation and Implementation of an Effective Recruiting and Retention Program.


Creation and implementation of an effective recruiting and retention program


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Creation and implementation of an effective recruiting and retention program

As organizations try to remain competitive in the growing market, they realize their main strength is their employees. Possessing the right workers is essential for the success of any business. Nevertheless, recruiting and retaining the most skilled is a substantial challenge in the competitive work market (Stewart & Brown,2019). Thus, forming and executing an effective recruiting and retaining program is perilous to the enduring achievement of any business. As the HR head of the Fortune 500, I recognized the importance of this problem and established a strategic HR plan to address the situation.

Importance of effective recruiting and retention program.

Starting and implementing a recruitment and retention program is crucial as it contributes to achieving a business in today’s competitive market. The quality of employees is a significant factor that determines the accomplishments of an organization (Stewart & Brown, 2019). A company with highly talented employees can increase modernization, uphold a competitive edge, and enhance output. On the other hand, if a company has low-skilled workers, the company’s output will decrease, many costs will be incurred in training and hiring new workers, and there will be a decrease in workers’ morale.

In addition, as the market turns out to be extra competitive, it is hard to fascinate and retain highly skilled employees. Organizations should invest more in recruitment and retention programs to attract highly skilled employees and to emerge victorious in the competitive industry. (Bilan et al.,2020). This investment should include offering special reimbursement packages, providing an outstanding environment for workers, and providing better professional growth and development opportunities. Thus, these factors will enable n organization to appeal to and retain highly skilled workers, resulting in lasting achievement.

The rationale for the selection of the problem

As the HR head at the Fortune 500, generating and instigating an effective employing and retaining program is the best choice of focus for the strategic HR program. The basis for this selection is that Fortune 500 organization faces high turnover rates. The high turnover rates have increased costs and decreased output (Alburo et al.,2020). Additionally, attracting and retaining highly skilled workers is essential for the organization’s success.

Issues to be addressed by the strategic HR plan

One of the issues to be addressed is the evaluation of the current employment and retention practices. This evaluation can be done by reviewing the current practices to recognize areas that need enhancement. Evaluation can also evaluate the benefit and compensation packages, training and advancement opportunities, and creativities of worker engagement (Goh & Okumus,2020). Another issue to address is the development of a worker branding strategy. This strategy focuses on promoting the company as a worker of choice and highlighting its commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity. Furthermore, the company can create programs to develop careers for workers to allow them to grow in their profession.

In conclusion, generating and executing an efficient employing and retaining program is essential to the achievement of any company. It increases productivity and innovation and helps an organization maintain a competitive edge. However, there are various ways to address this problem by addressing the issues, which are evaluating the recruitment and retention practices, establishing a worker branding strategy, and creating a professional growth program.


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Key Assignment Research Outline


Research Outline:

This week we will begin to focus on our final research project by creating an outline of your initial research on “Creation and Implementation of an Effective Recruiting and Retention Program” and what you plan to cover in your final Strategic HR Plan.

Prepare an outline of what you plan to cover in your research paper. Your outline should also include a sentence or two (with citations) regarding content and direction in each section.

Below is a good example of a sample outline:

APA outline example

I. Introduction (2 – 3 paragraphs) (cite)

A. The topic of interest or main idea

B. Problem statement (why)

C.Background of the problem

II.Main body – Section 1 (4 – 6 paragraphs) (cite)

A. Extent of problem




B. Who and how of the problem (cite)



III.Body – Section 2

A. Cause and effect (cite)

1.This is/was the problem, and this is the solution

IV.Body – Section 3

A. Possible solutions

1.What measures must be taken

2.What will work and what will not


V. Conclusion (cite)

A. Summarize relating back to introduction/problem

B. Restate thesis




This research paper outline example will guide you in formatting the layout for a clear direction to work on. It eliminates the inconsistency along with lacking proper substance in the paper. Be sure to include citations within your outline to further support your writing.


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