Wireless Network Design

IT 3355 Network Architecture

Unit 3 Discussion

Wireless Network Design

Discussion Resources

The following resources may be useful in completing this discussion and the course assignments

Meyers, M. (2018). CompTIA network+ certification all-in-one exam guide: Exam N10-007 (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.

Chapter 14, “Wireless Networking,” pages 497–?547.

Chapter 15, “Virtualization and Cloud Computing,” pages 551–?569.

Chapter 16, “Mobile Networking,” pages 579–580 and 591–?594.

Skillsoft. (n.d.). CompTIA Network+ N10-007: Network storage, virtualization, and WAN technologies [Tutorial].

Discussion Instructions

Use the resources provided and your own research to complete this discussion.

While mapping data for the wireless network architecture in a large mature organization, you encounter duplication of effort and redundant data.

Discuss whether the redundant data should be addressed prior to beginning the wireless network architecture project, in coordination with the network architecture project, or after the project has been completed.

Provide a supported rationale for your choice.

What strategy would you use to maintain security of data within a wireless infrastructure? Why?

Be sure you correctly cite any references you use according to APA guidelines.