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APA format

175 – 2625 words

Cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference

Respond to the professor:

Student: LaQuinta Scott Favors

6/8/23, 1:56 PM

Hey class, when it comes to test scores and data information the median first and the mean second in my opinion is better to use. If someone look at it, it can be hard to say whether the mean or the median would be a better measure of central tendency.  But if we base out answers from the skewed then the median would be a more appropriate measure with less affects. If the score are normally disbursed then a common approach is to set completion of standard deviation but it’s it they are not then i  may be more appropriate to use a different approach.  So when it’s all said and done the scores for it the scores may and may not be appropriate because of the approach the one person may tend to use! It very well depend on you the goals that one may be trying to achieve or the requirements that they may take! I’m not sure if there can be a wrong answer in this scenario, every one answer will be correct depending the route they take to answer the question. 

Professor: Kenneth Le Cour

Hello LaQuinta and All:

LaQuinta’s discussion is good. LaQuinta mentions skewed data. 

What does skewed data mean? 

How would we determine if data is skewed?


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