Wk 6, mha 507: dr 2

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APA format

175 – 265 words

Cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed references

Respond to the following:


Dr. John Rhome

A great post Amber….you cited:

““Patients will lose empathy, kindness, and appropriate behavior when dealing with robotic physicians and nurses because these robots do not possess human attributes such as compassion. This is one of the most significant negative aspects of artificial intelligence in medical science.” (Farhud & Zokaei, 2021).

Often times society gets hung up on the empathy, compassion and kindness controls when it comes to AI, but this is not what we are talking about. AI is not meant to take the place of a human’s touch, but because AI can perform much better than a human, the human touch may not be as needed in the near future. Plus, many who are coming into healthcare now either as a patient or as a professional, are looking much more for quality of service than they are compassion.


Dr. John

5/25/2023  2:14 PM


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