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To prepare for this discussion, read the assigned textbook chapters and the article, 
Four Dimensions of Leadership (Links to an external site.)
. Complete the “Leader’s Self-Insight 4.1. The Big Five Personality Dimensions” and “Leader’s Self-Insight 4.2. Measuring Locus of Control” activities in the textbook. Reflect on what the results suggest about you as a leader. You are not required to share your specific results when discussing these activities, but are welcome to, if you are comfortable doing so.

To successfully complete this discussion, your post should minimally include the following:

· Begin by defining emotional intelligence (EI).

· Provide your interpretation of how the four dimensions of leadership in the assigned article relate to the topic of EI.

· Provide your interpretation of how the Big Five Personality Dimensions and Locus of Control relate to the topic of EI.

· Construct a comparison table to present advantages and disadvantages of leaders spending time employing strategies to develop EI in their team members.

· Briefly describe two specific strategies that can be used to develop EI in the workplace. Include scholarly evidence critiquing the effectiveness of these strategies.

· Discuss specific actions a leader may take to identify their personal blind spots related to personality or EI.

· Support ideas you share in your post with a minimum of three credible 
scholarly and peer-reviewed sources (Links to an external site.)
 published within the last ten years and document your sources by including APA-formatted 
citations  (Links to an external site.)
references (Links to an external site.)


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