WMBA 6000 WU Evaluation of Leadership for House Hearth and Home Report

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Over the next 2 weeks, you will examine a case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of different leadership approaches of two individuals in a company and will provide to the business owner/general manager a report that details your observations and recommendations. This case provides an opportunity to evaluate and contrast different leadership styles and theories in a real-world context.

The owner/general manager of House, Hearth and Home, a large retail hardware, furniture, and building center, is facing a dilemma regarding the leadership effectiveness of his long-time yard manager and that of a newly hired assistant manager. The owner has hired you as a consultant and has asked you to investigate and then report your findings and recommendations on how he should address this situation.

For this week’s Assignment, you will prepare a business report to the company owner/GM that addresses the leadership theory or framework that Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson each employ, the differences in their leadership style, along with a discussion on which approach you feel is more effective for this company’s situation and why. Be sure to provide specific examples from the case and relevant citations from the Learning Resources, the library, and/or other credible, appropriate academic sources to substantiate and validate your position. For more information about evaluating the credibility of sources for use in your coursework, please review the following video:

Walden University, LLC. (2021). Evaluating the credibility of sources [Video]. 

Submit Part 1 of your evaluation of leadership for House, Hearth and Home, in which you address the following in a business report (excluding references):
Based on your case analysis, what leadership theory or framework do Dan Boyd and Wesley Simpson each employ? Be sure to provide specific examples from the case and other academic sources to validate your position.
What are the differences in leadership style for each of these individuals?
Which approach do you feel is more effective for this company’s situation, and why? Include the pros and cons of each approach in your assessment.


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