Women Studies Fairy Tales and Reality TV Essay

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please read read Jennifer Pozner’s book Reality Bites Back ( you can find this book online for free). answer these 3 questions. Each question just need 70-100 words. 1.In chapter 1, Pozner talks about the “flipside” of the fairytale being “humiliation” (52). How, according to Pozner, does the use of humiliation in reality TV “spread antifeminist backlash ideology” (53)? Be specific using examples. 2.In chapter 3, Pozner describes some dominant themes and ?tropes? that she thinks reality TV tells us about women. What are these tropes and why are they significant? 3. Pozner wants to point out that reality TV is not inevitable. These shows were not always on television; however, they have exploded since 2000. What are some of the reasons or explanations Pozner offers as to why reality TV has exploded since 2000?


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