Write a literary analysis about Marxism in Wrights “The man who was almost a man”

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***** Read Richards Wrights “The Man Who Was Almost a Man” then write a Literary Analysis Essay exploring the ways in which the techniques of subversion employed by a character are amplified by reading the story through a specific lens. (In this case through Marxism) *****

Your essay must have an arguable thesis, and you must use quotes from one reading on the syllabus. In addition, cite (paraphrase) 4 secondary sources from the library databases. This essay will require deep thought and reflection; since, it is highly suggested that you start early and use your notes from class. Do not summarize, argue!

Remember that a technique is a specific way of carrying out a task. It is not a summary of the story.

You must research and make sure that you understand whichever literary lens you choose. There is a lot of information in the library databases and in books. Make sure that your sources are creditable. Make sure that your paper includes a counterargument paragraph.


  • Write in 3rd person narration ONLY! This is an analytical essay. Your paper should have a thesis (i.e. an overall point).
  • This paper must have a minimum of 5-6 full pages (not including Works Cited) and 4 secondary sources. All papers must include a correctly formatted Works Cited page.
  • Mrs. McGilbrey does not grade papers that do not meet the page count requirements. Papers lacking a Works Cited will automatically lose 25 points because of unintentional plagiarism.
  • Your paper should have a clear thesis (i.e. an overall point).
  • Use quotes to support your argument and cite any outside material that you use. Lead into quotes and use transition words, phrases, and statements.
  • All papers should be grammatically correct. Major grammatical errors will affect your overall grade.
  • Mrs. McGilbrey deducts a lot if your evidence is weak, and if you do not explain its relevance.

Format: MLA (use your handbook or Purdue Owl MLA); Double-Space, point 12, Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins.


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