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LOOKING FOR THE QUALITY OF YOUR WORK. Add material from Chapters 5 through 8, class lecture, and/or your personal experience.

Good evening class, 

In 2-3 pages max (double space, 12 size/Arial), please answer ALL questions. Please save your document with your full name. (See example: Kenneth_Ramirez_reflection3). Please email before or by 10/05/2021. Thank you!

P.S Late submissions are penalized by 20%.

Step 1: Search for information online regarding the training programs of 2 companies that belong to different industries. (For example, compare a training program designed for an automobile company and a retail company). ***You may also choose 2 companies that you worked for or are currently working for in case you are having trouble finding training programs for other companies you haven’t worked for***

Step 2: Make a note of the type of training programs that are conducted for each organization along with the training delivery method that is implemented to the employees. Use key terms and information from chapter 7 to support your answer.  

Step 3: Summarize your findings in 1 paragraph of the training programs for both companies. Here is your chance to write down anything you found useful and to share your opinions.   


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