A fundamental component of your patient satisfaction

Do NOT use the article referenced below!!!!!

Beaumont R. (2011). Type of Health information systems….

A fundamental component of your patient satisfaction QI project is that it aligns with the organization’s strategic vision.


Write a 5-page word paper in which the following is addressed:

Evaluate the organization’s strategic vision statement.

What are the strengths & opportunities for improvement for the organization to achieve its vision?


Evaluate the alignment between your project’s objectives and the organization’s strategic vision. 

*Do the objectives align with the vision? Explain.


If the objectives do not align, then rewrite them for better alignment. 

Share the original and rewritten objectives, along with rationale, as to why they needed to be rewritten.


Select a QI model to use in the execution of your project (PDCA, Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, or Keizan).

Utilize textbook readings.


Draw the model and include it in your work.


Articulate your strategy for effective Change Management and Leadership.


Introduction and conclusion



Cite a minimum of 4 resources