Accessing, Using and Evaluating Development Websites (Politics)(5pg)


Your paper should include a full page describing a website or news sources that you have accessed in order to complete the assignment. This page should answer the following questions: Where is the site based? When was it founded? Who owns it? Can you identify a theory of development (modernization, dependency or critique) with which the site leans? Is this a reliable source of information, why or why not? The remaining pages of the paper should be devoted to reporting on a development topic or issue which you have researched using the online sources of your choice. The item you choose to report on should be directly related to development, meaning the issue is clearly a development issue. In your report you should include a critical commentary on the way in which the issue is covered by the source of your choosing. You may use other websources to assist you in doing so, just be sure to include them in your bibliography.