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Write 3-4 paragraphs on each page. i have already included 10

  A rationale statement that briefly describes the artifact, elaborates on demonstrated competencies, states why it is included, and reflects on what      was learned from the experience represented by this artifact, and whether      it was developed individually or as a member of a team. Write 3-4 paragraphs on each page. I have already included 10 artifacts […]

Crjs390 ip

  You are an environmental behavioral specialist for criminal justice professionals in the law enforcement field. The chief of police has asked you to review the seven-person undercover narcotics unit because there have been several internal affairs investigations involving excessive use of force, mishandling of evidence, and mishandling of informants. The chief knows the six men and one […]

Part 3 three: target market

THE TOPIC IS BRINING THE MLB TO GERMANY  USE THE SAMPLE PROVIDED TO FOLLOW ON FORMATE  you will analyze international and external market factors, political factors, and cultural factors and use this information to predict communication challenges that your organization could face when moving into the target market. You will also describe ways in which […]

Judicial process, american law

See both documents attached. Please provide references. Please save as two separate documents, one labeled “Case study 1” and the other labeled “case study 2”  all questions are for US Law and court processes.  CASE STUDY FOR PARTS 1 & 2 Brian is a 32-year-old male who lives with a roommate in a two-bedroom house […]

Due 10/6

see attachment · Prompt: Using Pareto’s 80/20 principle, describe how you might manage your time to support your educational goals. · Requirements: 250-300 words for the initial post · Prompt: The text describes several approaches to dealing with stress and ways to support psychological hardiness. Discuss why, how, and to what extent any of the […]

Discussion question

Part I: A new client has come into the office and is very upset. Alex Smith recently purchased a freezer from Star-Rent-to-Own. Alex thinks he may have been the recipient of a bad contract. Six months ago, Alex and Sandra Smith signed an agreement with Star Rent-to-Own to purchase a freezer. The Smiths signed an […]

Week 9 assignment – chapter 15 /no plagarism professor uses turnitin

Chapter 15 What is the difference between human rights and civil liberties? In what controversial ways do human rights intersect with Homeland Security and terrorism?   Explain how “War against Terrorism” affects the structure of civil society. What are the   issues associated with defense in depth as related to international terrorism?   What is militarization?  Explain […]

Presenting data ind project

  In your Unit 4 Individual Project, you will create 5 APA formatted Annotated Bibliographies as part of your Research Methods project. This is a 3-step process, as follows: Step 1: Search for, find and review existing literature (articles) about the topic that you selected in your DB4 assignment. You may find information in the […]

Case studies – american policing

See the attached file, respond where it says “answer here”…..6 questions all american law. What Would You Do? Case Studies Reasonable Force Scenario Early in the afternoon, a patrol officer notices two men, between 17 and 20 years of age, walking in the middle of the street. The street has no other traffic and is […]

Plaw 1100 mod 3 assn 1

   Dear Miss Amber, RE: PREPARATION FOR A PRETRIAL OF THE CASE I’m composing this letter to you to illuminate you that the pretrial for the case concerning your sister’s primary care physician and the specialist will be occurring in the gathering room of the Law Firm on Thursday 6th January, 2022. Since you have […]