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CHEM099 Solution Stoichiometry

CHEM099 Montgomery College T. Chen Chemistry, Rockville WS_Solution Stoichiometry 1. What is the concentration of a NaOH solution made by dissolving 3.55 moles of NaOH in water to a final volume of 945 mL? 2. What is the volume, in mL, of a solution if it contains 24.5 moles of Cu2+ and the concentration of […]

BCO 123 ACCOUNTING II Final Term Task brief & rubrics

BCO 123 ACCOUNTING II Final Term Task brief & rubrics Background Toshiro group Inc is a fast growing global conglomerate. He has hired some bright graduates from the EU Business school to help him modernise the company. He must close his consolidated accounts for December 2019 and do some planning for 2020 so that all […]

Excel Project 3 – MS Excel

Excel Project 3 – MS Excel (Summer 2020) Note: Microsoft Office 365, the online version, is not appropriate for the course. But anyone who has an Office 365 subscription has access to a fully functioning downloadable version of Office 2013 or 2016 If you do not have an Office 365 subscription you may download the […]

How does the ability to conduct legal searches differ between the police officer, probation officer, and prison guard in the performance of their duties?

JUS 101 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric Your first milestone introduces you to the necessity of communication between agencies. There are several examples of how one incident requires the attention of more than one branch of the criminal justice system. Put yourself in the shoes of the officers in the scenarios. How would you ensure […]

Research Hypothesis: Those in the south are more likely to identify as Republican than those not in the south.

-1- ***SPSS 2 is due Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 by 11:59PM (via SafeAssign) This homework will test your ability to prepare cross-tabulations, bivariate graphics, and test for statistical association and significance. You will need to put this all together and interpret your results. For this assignment, you should have a cover page and begin each […]

Defective Chessboard Problem

The assignment involves solving the Defective Chessboard Problem by using dynamic programming approach on a board of size 2^k×2^k where 2≤k≤15. Write the source code of the algorithm in Python. Additional notes: A defective chessboard (also known as tromino tiling problem) is a chessboard that has one unavailable (defective) position. A triomino is an L […]

Consumer Math

Description   Consumer Math:   Being involved in your local community is important for a variety of reasons. It affords you the opportunity to connect with, help, and strengthen the lives of others. It can give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as you form bonds with your neighbors. If you find a need […]

Discussion Case Enron: In order to understand Enron’s financial statements, one must first understand two areas of the company’s business.

1 Discussion Case Enron On December 2, 2001 Enron Corporation filed for bankruptcy and shocked the financial world. Enron was the seventh largest company (by revenue) in the United States. How could this high profile company have failed? A number of articles and books have profiled the company’s aggressive personnel policies where every year they […]

Chapter 4 Problem 8-1

Chapter 4 Problem 8-1   Project Description: In this problem, you will calculate the number of paintings with known utility and the given set of number of carpets. You will also draw indifference curves for different values of utility.   Steps to Perform: Step Instructions Points Possible 1 Use a cell reference or a single […]