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Exploring gender roles

Write a 1050- to 1750-word paper analyzing the roles of gender in fairytales. Select two stories from the Week Four readings to use in your analysis. Identify the roles of the primary male and female characters in your selected stories. Analyze how the characters do or do not conform to traditional gender roles, using concrete […]

Discussion Board: Leading and Motivating a Multicultural Workforce

The material in this module compels us to understand that traditional motivators are culture bound and that what works in our own culture may not be the best motivator in another country. Once again, this Discussion is broken into weekly topics. You must participate in both topics to receive full credit. Week 1 Describe a […]

Public Administration

Create an essay address the three part questions: Part 1. In 75 words, define the meaning of public administration, and explain how government plays an integral role in developing policies. Part 2. In 200 words, identify at least two similarities and differences associated with the major view of executive power (restricted, prerogative, stewardship). Part 3. […]

Project management assignment for the monthly report

This is a two part question discussion and project Week 4 Discussion >part one Respond to one of the following questions below question 1 OR 2: Question 1: The Monthly Project Report: Each month, all project managers were called for an executive session to present the status of their projects. All project managers and the […]

Life Skills Organizational Behavior

Your Life Skills / Case Analysis assignment is based on chapter eleven (11). This is a chapter that deals with “Leadership Effectiveness”, among other elements of leadership, it gives focus and explains the characteristics of transformational leadership, and how transformational leaders get involve and influence followers through a complex and interrelated set of behaviors and […]

Organizational Behvior- must have text book

Choose a business issue such as conflict, organizational structure, performance evaluation etc. from your own professional work experience or peer-reviewed journal articles. Apply 2 concepts from chapters 15–19 in the Robbins & Judge textbook (such as conflict intensity continuum, matrix structure, inter-group development, etc.) in your discussion of that problem. Keep in mind that chapters […]

Assignment 1: Product Development 3-4 Page Paper

Health Services Strategic Marketing Assignment 1: Product Development Health services continue to affect the gross domestic product, and this dramatic transformation has great demands on each dollar spent to deliver patient-centered products. Health care marketing must be repeatedly applied and practiced strategically to include environmental dimensions, such as technology, socioeconomics, competition, and regulatory. That being […]

Humanistic vs. Existential, paper assignment help

Details: After reading “Psychological Data and Human Values” by Maslow; “The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change” by Rogers; and “Logotherapy and Existentialism” by Frankl, complete the following in 1,250-1,500-words Summarize each article. Evaluate how the article aligns with the theorist’s perspective Frankl/Existential Maslow and Rogers/Humanistic. How could each of these research articles […]

Discussion Board Answer- Human Geography

Please read chapters 11 and 12 on economic geography (industry & services) in your textbook and then watch three relevant Frontline World (available at http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/) and incorporate them into your discussion. Please discuss why different types of industries can be expected to locate in specific geographical contexts around the world by addressing one or more […]