Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness. Watch the MSNBC video Americans Living with Chronic Illness that ran on the “Today Show” on 1/25/07 with Meredith Vieira. (The video runs 7 min and 26 sec.)

In Chapters 5-9 of the text, several medical conditions are discussed. Select one of the conditions and explore the psycho- social dimensions of the condition in greater detail than is found in the text. Write a three-to-four page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) in APA format.

Use the following format:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Social Role
  3. V ocational Role
  4. Psychological perspective
  5. Misconceptions held by the general public in relationship to the medical condition.
  1. Analyze a minimum of three sources for:
    1. Two interventions that may facilitate independence
    2. Two factors that may act as restraining forces. The restraining forces are those things that can possiblylead to the person not taking advantage of the interventions available. Two restraining forces can be the lack of education regarding the harmful effects of alcohol abuse and the “normalization” of
    3. Use your sources to support the interventions and factors
    4. Of your three sources, one may be the text, one may be a professional website such as the AmericanPsychological Association, etc., and one must be a scholarly journal.
  2. Discussion: Provide a discussion of the interventions and the restraining factors in paragraph form. Thediscussion must be constructive and reflect thoughtful application.
  3. Conclusion
  4. Reference Page
    1. APA style
    2. A minimum of three sources

Title Page

  1. Topic of the Paper
  2. Student Name
  3. Name of the Course
  4. Instructor Name
  5. Date Due

Introduction: In this section provide an overview of the issue/topic area to be discussed.

  1. Describe the topic of the paper
  2. Provide an overview of the topic to be addressed in the paper, previewing the major points.


  1. Define/describe the selected issue/topic
  2. Select from the following, and list the issue/topic to be discussed