This Module is called: Staging and Evaluation of Events. As it is an Msc Event Management.

In this assignment, you are require to write 1,500 words to 1,650 words as Maximum. Beyond the 1,650 will not be marked. This assignment, you should be focus in the area of operation and risk assessment; regarding from my group project, we are allocated to work in this area. However, in this individual essay report, you should create the evaluation plan such as Legal issue, health&safty, licenses etc., and explain the importance& justify, how and why you evaluate the plan by using on theory and academic concept in the main body of an essay. For an apendices, you are required to design the tool for the medthods to suit the spacific need for the evaluation. These evadances can incoperate qualitive/or qualitative data. However, there is a website for PSU (Personal Support Unit) is an volunteer organisation in Bristol City. You can use PSU to reflect on your evaluation area, and see how can they meet expectation on their audiences. PSU also should be in appendices. For futher information, please go to see the assignment brief on page 6, pages 14-15 for the reading list, and page 16 for PSU website in module handbook.