Federalism Project

You will be responsible for a comprehensive project involving the COVID pandemic and how the state and federal governments have responded. You will be looking at the role of federalism in the policymaking process related to the pandemic. Kentucky is a state to research and explore



Here are the directions for the Federalism project:
1. Project will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.
2. Title Slide: Name of State
3. Next slide- basic government structure of your state: governor, the state legislature (how many in each house), the judicial system (how many courts/supreme court of state)
4. Next slide- Population of state, number of counties, major cities
5. Next slide- Political leaders from major parties. Governor- R/D? Which party controls the state legislature?
6. Next slide- the website for the state department of Health. Who is the state’s surgeon general?
7. Next slide(s)- What are the current restrictions in your state? May require several slides. Include: schools, entertainment, sports, gatherings, religious services, businesses, ect If cities and counties are in different phases (ie, Florida) provide info for that swell.
8. Next slide- How have the federal government officials and state officials worked through this crisis? What assistance has the federal government given?
9. Next slide- How has the state and federal government handled the financial issues in the state
10. Next slide- Provide graphs for the following information: number of infections, hospitalizations, mortality rate, positivity rates.