Feng is a 22 year old Chinese American male who is homosexual and has had multiple..

Feng is a 22 year old Chinese American male who is homosexual and has had multiple partners over the last several years. He recently graduated from college and has found a position as an engineer in a prestigious firm. As the only male child, his parents are very proud of his accomplishments. He has been experiencing flu-like symptoms for several weeks and upon the urging of his friends, has visited a clinic outside of his community. Feng chose this clinic because he does not want to run into any friends or associates of his family. He has not yet disclosed his sexual orientation to his family because of their traditional values and expectations regarding the role of the male child. His older sister is the only member of his family to whom he has disclosed his sexual orientation. Although they are not close, she is accepting of his lifestyle. Although Feng’s father speaks some English, his mother speaks primarily Chinese. Feng reports that he has been “dating” but currently there is no one special in his life.

1) What factors might impact Feng’s treatment adherence and clinical outcomes? How could these factors act either 1) in support of or 2) as a barrier to Feng’s care?

2) How might the clinician help to ease tension, establish trust and empower Feng as part of the clinical encounter?

3) How might Feng’s identity as a homosexual man and Asian man be in conflict? Do you think that this conflict may affect Feng’s views of the healthcare system and his willingness to seek care? If so, how?