Focus on Global Conflict/War

*Here are some important tips for this assignment:

*Remember, all resources should be written within the last 5 years.

*Try and use scholarly resources. Websites can be scholarly, but not all. Try .gov or .org websites for more reliable information. Avoid websites where you cannot verify the year of publication, the author, etc.

Provide 2 discussion board posting, as to the influences upon nursing practice of this societal influence. This additional source may be from a professional journal article, other publication such as a book, a film, or an online narrative source. Historical narratives, easily located in on-line sources or a book borrowed from the library will offer further insights into nursing experiences.

Selected Historical Events: Impacts of Society upon the Evolvement and History of Nursing Practice with a focus on Global Conflict/War

The profession of nursing evolves and is molded within the societal contexts for practice. Particular societal events such as a global conflict, epidemic, the Great Depression, regulatory/ governing reform (education regulations, standardized curriculum), feminist movements, scientific developments and regulations (asepsis, vaccinations, mental health reform), to cite a few, have propelled the profession of nursing forward and/or collided with obstacles in the development of the profession.

Nursing practice evolves in the context of societal influences, paradigms or ways of thinking, and societal events. Nursing has evolved in conjunction with these societal events and ways of thinking. Many influences such as global conflicts, Civil War, slavery, segregation, health epidemics, the Great Depression, and scientific developments, to name a few, have directly impacted nursing practice as noted in the textbook readings. As noted historically, global conflict/war can be viewed as a predominate influence on nursing practice.

For this discussion board, the focus will be global conflict/war.

  1. You will make an original posting as assigned: American Civil War
  2. You will make another post as assigned : World War 2


-20th Century American Nursing and Global Conflict, Social Systems, Feminist Movement, and Development of Different Models of Nursing Care Environments: Rural Nursing

– American Nursing in the Civil War, 1860-1865

-American Nursing

Global Conflict: World War 1 and World War 2

-American Nursing, 1960-1980:

Segregation, Civil Rights, Feminist Movement, and the Vietnam Conflict