Foundations for Maternal and Child Health

**It is important to identify what helps and hinders this problem at the different levels. This will become useful when you are considering what interventions will have the biggest impact on your problem.

Directions: Use the template below and apply the socio-ecological model to the MCH issue of Suicide rates in Young Girls (link above in background info) and provide a summary based your role as a Health Educator. Apply the Social-Ecological Model to the maternal and child public health issue described in your problem statement

Problem Statement: The rate of suicide among young girls aged between 10 and 19 years has increased due to a myriad of factors including social media, early onset of puberty, drug abuse,3 changing culture, and economic depression among other factors.

Reference for problem statement: Bitette N. Teen girls are committing suicide at an alarming rate- NY Daily News. Published August 4, 2017.

PART 1: Complete the table.

Model Level List 2 key factors influencing the issue of the case study? In your own words list one factor at each level that helps to promote public health and one that hinders public health as it relates to the MCH issue described in your problem statement. Resource/Reference: AMA Format
Individual Level
Interpersonal Level
Organizational Level
Community Level
Policy Level

PART 2 Pick one level of the model. How does your role influence what helps the public health issue for this level?