Four public health initiatives

This is a paper that is focusing on the Describe and apply a public health approach to health and wellbeing. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

Describe and apply a public health approach to health and wellbeing

Department of Nursing and Midwifery
SCQF Level 8
Written 3,000 Word Assignment:

This assignment relates to the following learning outcomes for the module:
LO 1: Describe and apply a public health approach to health and wellbeing, including the principles of health promotion, protection and improvement.
LO 2: Recognise the importance of utilising a life course approach when co-ordinating and delivering care.
LO3: Demonstrate the principles of effective team working, within both the nursing and the wider multidisciplinary team, in delivering safe and effective person-centred care.
LO 4: Distinguish the concept and contexts of vulnerability utilising a biopsychosocial approach and identify the nurse’s role in supporting an individual at risk.
LO 5: Demonstrate and apply an understanding of research methods, ethics and governance in order to promote and inform evidence- based nursing practice.
Critically analyse ONE of the following four public health initiatives to support health and wellbeing

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Describe and apply a public health approach to health and wellbeing,

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Specific assignment guidance
The assignment should include:
Firstly, an introduction outlining to the reader what the essay will discuss. (150 words)
Secondly, discussion of what is the aim of health protection, promotion and prevention and an introduction to different types of initiative; discussion of the different interventions available to support health behaviour change, and the role of the nurse in the wider multidisciplinary Health Improvement team. (500 words)

Thirdly, identify and describe the type of intervention chosen to discuss (theory and approach of chosen initiative), identify the target population, (i.e. young people, older adults, national, local, asset-based, top down) and what methods are used. (400 words)

Fourthly, discuss the literature/evidence as to why this initiative may be required, what effect does the initiative aim to have on health and why is the target population identified;  does this initiative enable a life course approach to health and include those who are more vulnerable? (800 words)

Also, critique the intervention and methods used – are there any other types of approaches that would be better? Indicate which types of intervention have the most efficacy for this behaviour and also target group. (500 words)
Lastly, a conclusion summarizing the main points of the essay and drawing conclusions. (150)