HCA 322 Week 5 Final Paper

Focus of the Final Paper

Much of your coursework regarding moral questions and moral theory may seem abstract. This broad overview is necessary to have a complete understanding of the subject. Your Final Paper must be eight to ten pages (excluding title and references pages) and should synthesize moral theory and ethical considerations with their application to a real-world setting/circumstance.

Select a topic for your Final Paper from the following:

1. Do not resuscitate requests/issues (DNR)

2. Surrogacy

3. Wrongful conception

4. Organ donation

5. Stem cell research

6. Informed consent

7. Assisted suicide

8. Practices specific to diverse cultural contexts

9. Your own topic, with instructor approval

Your Final Paper must include the following regarding your chosen topic:

1. Identify a legal/ethical issue or dilemma within your topic.

2. Provide the history of the issue or dilemma.

3. Present current resources to address the issue or dilemma.

4. Evaluate alternative or better solutions for the issue or dilemma addressed.

5. Analyze the potential effects of this issue and predict how they may be addressed in the future.

Additionally, you must address at least three of the course learning outcomes as they apply to your selected topic. For example, you could address the Patient’s Bill of Rights as it pertains to a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order. Or, you could discuss the elements of autonomy, fidelity, and confidentiality as they are incorporated in the ethics of organ donation. The three outcomes you select must be explained in relation to your selected topic.

The course learning outcomes are as follows:

1. Analyze the evolution and application of moral theory and ethical principles in health care.

2. Discuss the elements of autonomy, fidelity and confidentiality. 3. Explain the legal rights of individuals as they interact with health care services.

4. Explain the process, including cultural diversity, for ethical decision making.

5. Analyze the monitoring systems that ensure human rights, legal aspects, and quality health care.

6. Discuss the implications of the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

7. Analyze selected ethical and legal case studies that have promulgated precedent-setting decisions.

You must utilize at least eight to ten scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources that were published within the past five years (not including the textbook). You may also supplement your paper with interviews of agency personnel, comparisons of similar governmental agencies in varying communities or service populations, updates on current legislative initiatives in the area, and ethical analyses of the issues and services involved with the current situation(s) analyzed.X