health and happiness in general.

Relation between health and happiness in general.

Inequality of health care is a public health issue why? And how could struggle public health and happiness
Is inequality of health care contributed to public health problem?
Is there Inequality in health in countries? UK and Gulf Countries ( KSA,OMAN,UAE,QATAR,KWAIT,BAHRAIN)

Is that inequality in receiving prober medication for example?

In UK there is inequality in health care , some part of another countries have a good health or even in one city some part could have better health. For example medication provision, pharmaceutical care provision.
One drug use in one area city is not the same in the different are at the same city.
eHealth(electronic health)

all these are a public health issues as well. Definitely medication adherence, concordance, better provision of equality of health and equality of pharmaceutical care would be one area would be focus in my research.
Also the impact of happiness in general and how impact of public health
Also the big picture of health and happiness and the health and public health.