Health and Human Sciences

· State your revised Research Question and then write a thorough introduction/ background for your research proposal and include what is already known about the topic. Include a statement of research hypothesis. If you are not testing a hypothesis, state the objective(s) /purpose of your research.

· List your References (Bibliography) in MLA or APA style. You will need to include at least 5 references pertinent to your research proposal (at least 3 of your references need to be from published papers printed, and not citing URL). If you cite a website, make sure that it is from a reputable source such as NIH.Gov or CDC.Gov, no URLs such as those with .com. Also, Do not cite Wikipedia as your reference either.

· You references should not be older than 10 years.

· Cite your references in the text (see the samples posted in Blackboard).

Criteria Points available Points earned
Revised Research Question 


Spelling, grammar, clarity





Total points 20