HSM541 Week 5 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (July 2019)

HSM 541 Health Services System


Go to the website for the American Hospital Association (AHA) at the following web address:http://www.aha.org/ (Links to an external site.).

Click on the Advocacy tab and find the Issues for You subtab at the top of the web page. Under this area, there are current issues being addressed by the AHA (access and coverage, affordability, etc.). Choose one of these issues and complete a 3-4 pages paper related to why this is an issue and how it impacts the U.S. healthcare delivery system. Describe the problems associated with the issue and what is being done by the AHA and other stakeholder groups to address it. Finally, choose one recommendation that you believe would be most effective in resolving the issue. Justify your recommendations and be as specific as possible.

Your resultant written paper should not exceed 4 pages (cover and reference pages do not count as part of the pages), double-spaced, and in APA or other approved DeVry-Keller format and style. Your primary text and the journal and website research article must be used as references to support your analysis and summary paper. You must use at least three professional references.

Please review the grading rubric for all written weekly assignments in the Syllabus, and post your finished paper as a Word document.

Don’t forget to submit your assignment.