HSM543 week 4 Midterm Exam 2019

Question 1 Discuss the ethical and legal controversy over the use of stem cell research in relation to reproduction. Provide rationale for why stem cell research is such a contentious issue? What is one healthcare policy you would implement to minimize the controversy over stem cell research if you were in charge?

Question 2 Discuss the ethical and legal issues related to involuntary sterilization. Provide an example of when involuntary sterilization would be ethical and legal. Discuss whether your example would be applicable to men, and women, or just one gender?

Question 3 The current U.S. healthcare system encounters a “malpractice crisis,” during which the cost of professional liability insurance rises steeply. These crises have multiple causes, but they are usually triggered by economic factor. Discuss the ethical and legal justification to reform the Tort System in the U.S.

Question 4 Loyalty to the organization is the paramount duty. It requires the individual to put the interests of the corporation before self-interest. Specifically, no director is permitted to gain personally, accept bribes, or compete with the corporation. Assess the legal consideration and impact of Duty of Loyalty in healthcare organizations. Provide one or more examples of where Duty of Loyalty may become a problem for a healthcare leader.