International Training and Management Development

1.Answer End-of-Chapter Discussion Questions for Chapter 10


What are the major issues related to international T&D?

How can the effectiveness of global virtual teams be improved?

How can global leadership be developed?

How does one acquire a global mindset?

What is the role of cross-cultural preparation in international assignment management?

How can MNEs overcome barriers for knowledge sharing across borders?


2.Create Infographic” for Chapter 10


3.Answer End-of-Chapter Discussion Questions for Chapter 13


What makes managing employee health and safety programs around the world so difficult?

Why have family-friendly and work-life balance programs become so important?

Describe the kinds of health, safety, and security problems that international employees encounter and design a crisis management program to deal with them.

Why is designing and implementing a global human resource information system so difficult? What kinds of problems need to be overcome?


4.Create Infographic” for Chapter #12(International Employee Performance Management)