Installing and testing Notepad++ (Text editor)
Step1: To get started, lets google “Notepad++” or simply go to the web site. Then click
the “download” link.
Step2: Select the most current version, and then click “download”. Select the appropriate “.exe” file to install.
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Step3: Double click the most recent “Installer” file, then click “Run” to install.
Step 4: Once the installation is complete, run the Notepad++ program and type the following in the editor.
Step 5: Now save the file in your “….…/lab1/” directory and name the file “lab1.html” (make sure the file type that you
choose is “HTML”)
Step 6: Try loading this file (“lab1.html”) using your favorite browser.
Step 7: Upload the result lab1 folder to canvas.
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Laboratory Session #2
1) Installing and testing WAMP (or LAMP, or XAMPP). These XAMPP includes Apache (web server), MySQL
(database), PHP (language), as well as a few other components.
To get started, lets google “WAMP or XAMPP”. Pick an appropriate site, then click the “download” button.
Below is the example of installing XAMPP
Step 1: Download the “XAMPP” software by clicking the XAMPP link.
Pick the latest version availab
Copyright 2017
Step 2: Use the Installer option. See below:
Step 3: Save and Install the “xampp-win32-” (or whatever is the current
Copyright 2017
Step 4: Install the software (will take a few minutes)
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Step 5: Now, you should have a new “XAMPP Control Panel” icon on your desktop and/or your start
menu. Also, under your C: drive you should see a directory named “xampp” with several
files and folders in it.
Step 6: Start “Apache” and “MySQL” and test your installation:
Copyright 2017
Step 7: Now open a browser window and type the address: “localhost” or “”
Step 8: Take a screen shot of your browser (it should look similar to the figure above, but don’t be
alarmed if different version of the software look differently) and place it in a word
document and upload it as “lab2.docx” in your labs directory. Later zip your labs directory
and upload it to canvas.
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Alternatively, to install WAMP or XAMPP lite, see below:
To install WAMP
To install XAMPP lite on a USB (portable) drive, search for it online and also see the following video: