Leadership style (Transformational, Servant or Democratic)

Body (with headings and subheadings) I. Leadership style (Transformational, Servant or Democratic) ? Describe the leadership style and its components ? Impact of Leadership style on: Clinical Practice Technology Education Patient Safety Healthcare Quality and Cost II. Choose another leadership style and, compare the similarities and differences. ? e.g. Transformational vs. Authoritative Leadership III. Nurse as a Leader ? Choose (1) and describe a Leader that has demonstrated the chosen leadership style. IV. Identify two issues or problems you would like to change and how the leadership style will provide/change/resolve the problems. V. Conclusions/ Recommendations ? Summarize your work ? Present supporting data/defining characteristics for conclusions reached ? Conclusion reflects working knowledge/use of theories/concepts discussed in Nursing 402 and texts. ? Provide 1-2 recommendations for the future