LSU LHRD7110 Group Observation Report

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You will locate and observe any group at work, school, or any other situation where a group of individuals are together. Your worksite will probably be the best setting to locate such a group, although you may try any other location. The observed group does not have to be formally meeting; for example, they can also be an impromptu group at a food court in your local shopping mall. The objective is to observe a group, so the type of group is up to you. The group must consist of at least three people and you must observe them for AT LEAST 20 MINUTES. If the group breaks up before 20 minutes are up, locate and observe another group for the remainder of the time.

The report format is entirely up to you. A requirement of the report is that you provide a description of the group size, composition, where it is meeting, its purpose (if known or your best idea as to why they are meeting), and any other information that gives me a “feel” for how the group appears. Do not mention the names of the people in the group if known or any other information that might reveal who these people are. In your Report, you need to consider the following:

State where the group was, how many people, males/females, etc.

Analyze the group dynamics. Apply important concepts. (4)

How did the setting affect the group dynamics? (2)

If you observed more than one group, compare them

Who spoke?


How were the roles allocated? (2)

What stated or unstated rules were being used? (2)

How were decisions reached? (1)

What was the climate (or atmosphere in the group like? (1)

Any other questions that come to mind? (2)

TRY TO BE UNOBTRUSIVE. You may not be able to hear all of what the people are saying, so you will have to be sensitive to body language and facial expressions. Even if you cannot hear the people at all, it is still possible to analyze the dynamics (believe it or not)!

The report should be 1-3 pages in length. The format is up to you. The easiest way to structure the report is to create subheadings based on the questions above and any other questions you would like to answer. When applying concepts remember to cite and reference any external sources if applicable.

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