LU Efficient Methods in Reduction of The Problem of High Markdowns Discussion

You will answer 1 question independently and create a separate post for each response (not a single post with responses to both questions). Each individual post, or question response, will consist of 500–750 words that answer 1 of the assigned discussion board questions.

  • Some answers will require a paragraph-style response, whereas others will be best answered with a table or bullet points. Use the style that is most appropriate for the specific question.
  • Each answer must be supported by references to at least 2 peer-reviewed sources and 2 biblical integrations.
  • Use proper grammar and current APA format.
  • Do not submit discussion posts as Microsoft Word documents. You are welcome to include attachments to assist with consolidation, but the primary content of your posts must be included in the body of the discussion area (opening files is an inconvenience when the same information can be reviewed within the post).

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