You can chose a medical disease or we can use Type 2 diabetes or Type 1 diabetes Please see attachment to see what the paper requires

  • Write a two page research report on a medical topic using 2-3 professional medical journals such as JAMA, Nursing, Dental or Physical, Occupational or Speech Journals as your sources.  The textbook for this class is NOT a professional journal and should not be used for anything other than helping choose your topic. (This does not mean that your topic must be in the textbook)
  • 4) Use APA formatting.  Directions can be found at:
  • When writing the paper use medical terminology. For example: “A typical patient diagnosed with malignant melanoma is prescribed a treatment plan that includes both radiation and chemotherapy.” rather than “if a doctor tells you that you have skin cancer you will probably have to have chemo”
  • Use 5 medical terms in the paper that are made up of words parts. Underline and bold these terms. At the end of your paper, list and define (in your own words) the five terms that you have highlighted. Do Not use Latin or Greek terms such as cortex which  has no prefix, root or suffix.  Each word should be made up of two or three word parts. Provide a complete definition of the whole term in your own words, a definition of each word part and identify each word part as a root, prefix or suffix.   Use the example below and do not deviate from its format.