MGT301 All Modules Discussions (July 2019)

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 1 Discussion

Think of the very worst manager you ever had. What were the qualities or behaviors that made him/her a bad manager? List these qualities or characteristics.

Next, remember the best manager you ever had. List the qualities and characteristics that made him/her a good manager.

How much impact do managers actually have on an organization’s success or failure?

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 2 Discussion

It’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan. Whether you’re coaching a football team, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or running a small business, you need a strategic plan. Strategic planning is a process that brings to life the mission and vision of the enterprise.

Do you know your organization’s mission statement? How important is it in the planning process at your organization?

Describe the type of planning that takes place in your organization.

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 3 Discussion

Read Case Application #3 located in Chapter Six of your textbook:

“You Work Where?

Answer discussion question #6-31: What can managers and organizations do to help employees who work from home be efficient and effective?

Have you worked from home or for an organization that has employees working from home? What do you think are the challenges for both managers and employees in this situation?

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 4 Discussion

Discuss an experience you had with organizational change either good or bad. What did management do to make it good or bad?

Why is managing change an integral part of every manager’s job? What does it take to make change happen successfully? How adaptive to change are you?

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 5 Discussion

Most of us have to work for a living, need our job, and a job is a central part of our lives. If this is true then why do managers have to worry so much about employee motivation issues?

Describe what is meant by the term “Emotional Intelligence.” Provide an example of how it is used in contemporary organizations.

Is your manager responsible for motivating you? If yes, how does he or she do it? Or how do you motivate your employees if you are in a manager’s position.

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 6 Discussion

How does a transactional leader differ from a transformational leader? Choose an individual who you consider to be a transformational leader. Explain why you chose this individual and describe in detail what they have done to be considered a transformational leader.

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 7 Discussion

How are planning and control linked? Is the control function linked to the organizing and leading functions of management? Explain?

MGT 301 Principles of Management

Module 8 Discussion

Michael Lewis (the author of Moneyball) writes of Billy Beane, “it was hard to know which of Billy’s qualities was most important to his team’s success.” A great leader usually will have many strong qualities (distinctive attributes or characteristics) contributing to their success. What were Billy Beanes’ qualities, which made him successful as a leader? And what do you think most accounts for his success in being a manager? Make sure to connect your response to what we have learned over the course term.