My Five-Year Career Plan, writing homework help

My Five-Year Career Plan, writing homework help

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I recently completed a research paper and just needed an overview insight of it to fix errors such as grammar, sentence structure etc. The research paper is down below in the document box

My Five Career Plan


In the five years, my career plan is to study dance education and dance chorography. Being a dancer and wanting to make a career out of it, would take more than five years of accomplishing. First by starting my dance career I would have to major in dance education program and take a lot of dance classes to learn different styles of dances. Training and gaining knowledge for dance history and chorography as well. I am attending CPCC, been here for a year. I am now in my second year at CPCC with a major in dance education as a transfer student. Through my experience being in their dance department has changed my life, been able to be in control of my body doing techniques that I never thought I would able to do. Because of an injury I had my senior year of high school. CPCC dance department has multiple dance classes (modern, jazz, and ballet etc.). Many opportunities for me to take advantage of while at CPCC. This year I am taking advanced modern and never took an actually jazz classes before so I was a big challenge for me to do so, as well as modern.

In my dance field I am comfortable with the style of hip hop. Because I sis hip hop almost my whole but I wanted to purse my dance career and willing to be a choreographer. I would have to know other styles of dances other than hip hop. After I graduate, my plan was to attend any four-year university with a major in dance education and go from that to see where it takes me. When it was time to start applying to schools was difficult for me and has pushed me farther back on going to a university cause of academic issues. Ending at CPCC was a first towards my future career going in as a transfer student, had to talk to a lot of dance instructors and guides/career development counselors. To guide me on what I needed to know and to transfer and how it would lead me to the right direction with my career. Last year, was hard for me because I really didn’t know what classes I should take that would help me with the major I am major I am going for. And what classes that’s transferable to other colleges that I would like to transfer over to. My main problem with my career plan, going for performing arts not really a well set job to have a lot of money with. Anybody can be a dancer, but have the ability to want to make a career out of it, is a challenge for me. Dance education most people that are not in the dance field say that people that dance or have a major in dance really don’t need other core classes, just need to take a lot of dance classes. I can understand when others think that. But for as dancers that is in a dance major, core classes are very helpful with our studies. Not only because we have to learn other subjects besides dance. Core classes like Math, English, and History are required for dancers that has a major of performing arts. Only because depending on how you want to pursue your career with dance rather you want to teach and have your own business or teach at schools and studios. Having good English and knowing how to do Math for business can help you in a long way. I am willing to have my own studio and team. So by having Math and English classes I would know how to manage my own money.

Last year, I went to the career center to see what classes I would need to take to transfer having Associate in Arts major. Kelly Moore, career counselor, told me that I would have to take at less two English classes, Math, History, Social studies, and dance class for my training. She gave me a list of what classes I would have left and good that will would good for me to take. Due to the time Ms. Moore realize that I am also a full time students and a part time worker. So we made a plan for a scheduling on how my next semester will be to make anything easier with a total of seven classes. She recommends that I should take some of my fall semester course over the summer and do the rest in the fall. Her advised helped me out a lot I decided to take one of my English courses over the summer. After I passed my classes for summer and fall semester I will have enough credits to transfer. Ms. Moore also gave me schools to look at that has a great dance program. Which would be East Carolina University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and North Carolina A&T State University. All of these schools have amazing dance programs for me to attend to. Not only Ms. Moore gave me list to the schools provided the instructor’s information for me to contract them for what I need to know for their auditions. In the process of getting information Ms. Moore recommend the best time for me to apply to other schools would be in September and the beginning of October. And it is possible for me to get accepted.

Finding a jobs in the dance field, I can start off with internships in dance studios or schools with a dance program. I spoke with Ms. Moore, career counselor and next year I will be planning g on to get internship. To do this, I will fill out an application with Melanie Dalton, director of dance program at North Carolina A&T University for their internships. The applications are due January 5, but Ms. Moore told me that if I turn in my application early sometime before December 8, I will have more chance on getting the job. I would like to work as assistant as a choreographer. I could learn everything I needed to know when I do decide to have my own studio. Internships enable students to increase their knowledge to gain numerous skills (Stier). However, some programs wanted students who have experiences with the internships they are applying to. While many programs that are require structured internships with close faculty supervision offered to students in the planning, completion and evaluation stages, other programs that treat internships as independently studies. (Cuneen).

When I decided to start my own dance studio I spoke with some of my dance instructors that I had over the years. And interview them how would change their career path if they weren’t dance chorographers. My first instructor I interview were Ms. Melanie Hall, Dance Distant director. Asked her about how internships would will help achieve my dance career. And with her responds that internships are great for young professionals not only to help us with the little’s things but will tremendously would help you become a choreographer as well a better dancer. Most of her students that she had over the years had an internship gotten a good vibe on how to teach other dancers. Also, talk about the schools how dance programs that she might recommend me on attending to. East Carolina University, not because it is a performing arts school. ECU, have amazing instructors that can be difficult to follow but they structure well most students there have purse their dance careers, traveling around the world and touring with celebrities. I had many more questions that I had asked her but her advised to me was to follow my dreams don’t have any second thoughts about my choice of career plan. That there will always be negativity around me that I just have to believe in myself to do so.

Another, instructor I interview was Ms. Jada West, director in Ballet studios. I asked her the same questions I did Ms. Hall. Asked about interviews and how would they be help becoming a young professional chorographer. Ms. Hall told me dancers who are in the dance field that are training to have a dance career because students who have never taught other dancers or don’t have the right mind set to do ant chorography. Internships is a good position to be in and that internships are not just for working and getting paid. These internships are actually learning how to own their own business. Also, I asked Ms. West about what schools would be on me going to with a major of dance education. She recommends that University of North Carolina would be a good school for me with a dance major. Ms. West was an instructor at Uncc. For four years and said that the school have good training programs for dancers who are not trained yet. I have to asked Ms. West multiple questions but her advice for me to take as many dance classes as I can. If I ever have opportunity to auditions go for it. Doesn’t matter how good of a dancer you are. And that dancers will never know how much of a good dancer you are if you don’t go to auditions unless you try. At the end of my interview with Ms. West I mention the art school in New York city. Juilliard and she commented that Juilliard is a great school for one to have an opportunity to attend. And that the school is really difficult to get in. so to prepare myself increase my flexibility so I could audition.

My career plan to transfer from Cpcc in spring after I passes all my six credits that I need to pass to transfer. Will be attending North Carolina A&T University or University of North Carolina Greensboro with my major of dance education. Accomplishing our awareness of future career planning while still dancing (McFarlane). First at any college I decide to attend to that has a dance program if I get accepted into the college I would still have to audition for the major. Dancers who audition and don’t get accepted into the major with some school would tell the students if they have a backup major or other schools will let students who did not make the auditions to major in dance, still take classes so they can audition for next semester. Training and working as an internship teaching other professionals strengthen my knowledge through dancing and take my other core classes if I will need them still. Since I wanted to have my own business I will minor in business management.

Learn how to maintain my own business. Running your own business is not like being a dancer. (Aguirre).  Long after my starting career plan I will be graduating from a four-year university with an Associate Degree in dance education and chorography. Later on, within those two years I will hopefully be moving to New York to go to audition for Juilliard school of arts. First by having the thought of attending I would have to start my whole life over just by moving to a new city and learning their forms of dances as well as their history of dance and the history of the school. Students with skills, curiosity, and cultural literacy to engage with the performing arts throughout their lives. (Nord).

Finally, with my career plan having a dance major would not be easy for any dancers that is or going to be in the dance field. Many classes will have to be taking depending on their majors. Wanting to be a choreographer owning my own business and dance company can be a lot of work. And more pressure on myself. Going through my career plan steps will take more than five years to process, probably be about six to seven years of accomplishing. Also, throughout of the help from dance instructors, career counselor has put me in the right director for me to achieve my goal in life to be well successful.



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