• For this assessment you need to read widely and demonstrate your understanding of the topic to your peers. Students will present for 12 minutes on individual topics. And should set aside an additional 3 minutes for group discussion arising from the questions you pose. . You will not be using power point rather a discussion in the round. Provide a handout to group participants of at least the case study and your questions. Provide your list of readings to your tutor.
• You are required to introduce your self and your topic (3 Marks)
• Define and discuss your reading about the implications for health care practice. (10 Marks)
• Prepare and present a case study to illustrate your topic and how it relates to health care practice. (10 Marks)
• Develop discussion questions for the group to consider and respond to about the case study you have developed. (6 Marks)
• Conclude with key points. (3 Marks)
• Provide hand-outs to your group and give your tutor a list of the key readings you have used in APA 6th edition style. (3 marks)