1. Briefly answer the discussion topic in MS Word Document, 2-3 pages (not to include title, abstract and reference page) in APA Format.
2. Include a title, abstract and reference page, introduction, body and conclusion.

Review the Performance Triad leader’s guide (located in course materials) and write a professional paper addressing the questions bellow that. Utilizing information, you have learned throughout the lessons as well as other material write a well thought out, well-written paper. The paper will be critiqued per Grading Matrix located in “Course Materials.”

While each component is independently important which is the most important subject to you when it comes to Soldier readiness?
What are some mitigating factors that you can implement to sustain readiness/good nutrition in the field?

The performance Triad supports the Ready and Resilient Campaign with the goal of increasing unit health and unit performance and decreasing injuries. The Performance Triad represents Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Sleep- three key components that can influence the cognitive and physical performance of Soldiers.